Slipknot – Circle

Slipknot - Circle

Band: Slipknot.
What: lyrics from the song Circle.
On who: unknown.

“All of our questions are answers to our sins
All of our endings are waiting to begin”

Taken from Slipknot’s song Circle, from their 2003 album Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses).
Although in Slipknot’s lyrics, it reads “all of my questions..” instead of “our”.

Slipknot on #4

Slipknot guitarist Jim Root

Band: Slipknot.
What: Jim Root’s own number within the band: 4.
On who: Jim Root himself.

Guitarist Jim Root has many tattoos, including one of his own number in his band Slipknot. I took this picture after an interview I did with him in 2010, when he was on tour with his other band Stone Sour.