A full metal sleeve


Bands: Blind Guardian, Metallica, Hypocrisy, Slayer and Manowar.
On who: Mikael, Sweden.
Tattooed by: Victor Policheri. Check out his other work at www.viptattoo.com!

Mikael from Sweden has a full sleeve with some great images. First off there’s the guitar from Blind Guardian’s Imaginations From The Other Side album. Below that is Metallica’s And Justice For All. On the inside of his arm there’s Slayer’s Divine Intervention and the back cover of Manowar’s Louder Than Hell, along with Hypocrisy’s Virus on the wrist.

Some detailed shots:
Blind Guardian
Slayer - Divine Intervention
Manowar - Louder Than Hell

Pig Destroyer – Girl In The Slayer Jacket

Pig Destroyer - Girl In The Slayer Jacket

Band: Pig Destroyer.
What: Girl In The Slayer Jacket.
On who: Jamie.
Tattooed by: Dick Verdammt from Austin, Texas, at Classic Tattoo in San Marcos, Texas

This tattoo is loosely based around the lyrics to the song Girl In The Slayer Jacket, by American grindcore band Pig Destroyer, from their 2007 album Phantom Limb. It was done by tattoo artist Dick Verdammt from Austin, Texas. Check out more of his work at dickverdammt.com.