Nightwish – Oceanborn

Nightwish - Oceanborn

Band: Nightwish.
What: the owl from Oceanborn.
On who: the webmaster here.

My tribute to the awesome album Oceanborn by Nightwish. I had my tattoolady change the owl a bit because the feet looked rediculous and the feathers looked more like feathers of an angel.

Original artwork:
Nightwish - Oceanborn

Nightwish – Ever Dream

Nightwish - Ever Dream

Band: Nightwish.
What: the title of their single Ever Dream.
On who: Stephanie, The Netherlands.
Tattooed by: Burning Heart Tattoo, Haarlem, The Netherlands.

Dutch girl Stephanie has the title of the 2002 single Ever Dream of her favorite band Nightwish tattooed on her leg.