In Flames – Square Nothing

In Flames - Square Nothing

Band: In Flames.
What: Square Nothing lyrics.
On who: Joni Tarvainen
Tattooed by: Netta from MadMax in Tampere, Finland.

“I spent some quality time with the demon of mine
I like the way you struggle,
But you know… I’m here to WIN!”

Lyrics from the In Flames song Square Nothing, from their fifth album Clayman, accompanied by the jesterhead.

In Flames – A New Dawn

In Flames - A New Dawn

Band: In Flames.
What: lyrics from the song A New Dawn.
On who: Marco Gervasio.
Tattooed by: Manxie Chevron, Bloodwork Tattoo-Sanguis Labora, Goteborg (Sweden).

“And I can’t wait to see the sun rise again
It’s moments like this
I’m what you’ll never be
To better what I am
You won’t hear lies from me”

The chorus from A New Dawn by In Flames, from their album Sounds Of A Playground Fading

In Flames – The Chosen Pessimist

In Flames - The Chosen Pessimist

Band: In Flames.
What: A line from the song The Chosen Pessimist.
On who: Francesca, Italy.

“I carve my name in stone”

Francesca has a line from the In Flames song The Chosen Pessimist tattooed on her. It can be found on their 2009 album A Sense Of Purpose.