Epica – Unleashed

Epica - Unleashed

Band: Epica.
What: lyrics from the song Unleashed.
On who: unknown.

“Time is just a concept
And always the first thing to fade”

From Epica’s song Unleashed, which can be found on their 2009 album Design Your Universe.



Band: Epica.
What: names of two of the bandmembers.
On who: unknown.

This Epica fan has a very unusual tattoo. On the left wrist, there’s the name of Epica’s vocalist Simone Simons. On the right wrist, there’s guitarist Mark Jansen’s name.

Epica – Kingdom Of Heaven

Epica - Kingdom Of Heaven

Band: Epica.
What: lyrics from Kingdom Of Heaven.
On who: Maya, Israel.

Maya from Israel has lyrics from Epica’s song Kingdom Of Heaven tattooed on her back. This song is from Epica’s fourth album Design Your Universe (2009).

“Nothing here will be the same
I’ll see the world through different eyes and
I was given clarity
And the wisdom I can’t deny”

Epica – Tides Of Time

Epica - Tides Of Time

Band: Epica.
What: Tides Of Time lyrics.
On who: unknown.

A verse from Epica’s song Tides Of Time, which can be found on their fourth album Design Your Universe.

“We are leaves ment to fall
There’s a meaning to all
That fades”