Scream Bloody Death

Death - Scream Bloody Gore

Band: Death.
What: Scream Bloody Gore artwork.
On who: Jochen, Germany.
Tattooed by: Ralf Steinmüller at Paniczone Tattoos (

Jochen is the webmaster of Death fanpage, and has several metaltattoos, including one of Death’s 1987 debutalbum Scream Bloody Gore.

Original cover:
Death - Scream Bloody Gore

One thought on “Scream Bloody Death

  1. R.I.P. Chuck Schuldiner.
    From Chucks Facebook page:
    An idea from Chuck’s sister, Beth Schuldiner: a challenge to all of Chuck’s fans, whether you’re a diehard DEATH fan or someone who has been touched by Chuck’s music in some positive way – take a $1 or $5 bill (or €1 or €5, or £1 or £5, or whatever!), grab an envelope, write on it Musicians Cancer Fund (in honor of Chuck Schuldiner), Sweet Relief, 2601 E. Chapman Ave., Suite 204, Fullerton, California, USA 92831, stick the money in there, and send it off. No better way to honor Chuck’s memory with such a selfless, easy act! :)

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