Arch Enemy vs Darth Maul

Arch Enemy vs Darth Maul

Band: Arch Enemy.
What: their symbol.
On who: unknown.

This person is a fan of Arch Enemy and Star Wars, so this tattoo combines both the Arch Enemy circle symbol with the face of Darth Maul (from that horrible Episode I: The Phantom Menace).


Band: Dio.
What: a tribute to vocalist Ronnie James Dio
On who: unknown.

This fan has a tribute to commemorate Ronnie James Dio, with Dio’s portrait, his date of birth and date of passing.

Five Finger Death Punch – The Tragic Truth

Five Finger Death Punch - The Tragic Truth

Band: Five Finger Death Punch.
What: lyrics from The Tragic Truth.
On who: unknown.

“It’s the voices screaming in my head.
The tragic truth.
It’s hard for me to understand myself.
So it has to be hard as hell for you

Are we born to be broken sinners, and thieves?
Someone tell the heavens that I’m ready to escape”

Lyrics from the Five Finger Death Punch song The Tragic Truth, from the 2011 album American Capitalist.