Sick in the head? No, just a huge Slayer fan!


Band: Slayer.
On who: Unknown bald guy

This guy is obviously a huge Slayer fan, but I have no idea who he is. I took this photograph at the Rock Hard festival in Gelsenkirchen (Germany) in 2010.


Lay down your soul to the gods rock & roll!


Band: Venom.
What: the artwork of Venom’s Black Metal album on her back, and the Metal Black artwork on her stomach.
On who: Unknown German woman.

I ran into this great-looking German woman at the Rock Hard festival in Gelsenkirchen (Germany) in 2011. Of course she draws lots of attention with these huge tattoos.

Paul Stanley / KISS, on Hatebreed’s guitarist

Paul Stanley, from Kiss

Artist: KISS vocalist/guitarist Paul Stanley.
What: The cover to Paul Stanley’s first solo album, released in 1978.
On who: Hatebreed guitarist Frank Novinec.

Frank Novinec, guitarist with hardcore masters Hatebreed, has several music-related tattoos, including this one of Paul Stanley’s first solo album. Yes, Frank is a KISS fan! This photo was taken after an interview we did in Amsterdam, I think it was in 2009.



Band: Slayer.
What: the logo.
On who: Unknown dutch metalhead.

I was taking pictures at the Wâldrock festival in the Netherlands in 2008, and while I was relaxing on the grass and taking photos of the crowd, I saw this guy sitting there. He saw I was taking pictures, so he showed me his great Slayer tattoo.

After seeing the photo, I got the idea to make a site dedicated to these kinds of tattoos, if there wasn’t one yet. I did some searching, and I didn’t find a lot of sites about this specific subject. Unfortunately, the plans got put on hold because of lots of other things that were going on, but finally it’s up and running.

Slipknot on #4

Slipknot guitarist Jim Root

Band: Slipknot.
What: Jim Root’s own number within the band: 4.
On who: Jim Root himself.

Guitarist Jim Root has many tattoos, including one of his own number in his band Slipknot. I took this picture after an interview I did with him in 2010, when he was on tour with his other band Stone Sour.