Shinedown – I’ll Follow You

Shinedown - I'll Follow You

Band: Shinedown.
What: I’ll Follow You lyrics.
On who: unknown.

“I’ll follow you down through the eye of the storm
Don’t worry I’ll keep you warm

I’ll follow you down while we’re passing through space
I don’t care if we fall from grace”

Lyrics from the song I’ll Follow You by Shinedown, which can be found on their 2012 album Amaryllis.

Guns n’ Roses – Breakdown

Guns n' Roses - Breakdown

Band: Guns n’ Roses.
What: Breakdown lyrics.
On who: unknown.

“I’ve come to know the cold
I think of it as home
When there ain’t enough of me to go around
I’d rather be left alone”

Lyrics from the classic Guns n’ Roses song Breakdown, from the album Use Your Illusion II.