Five Finger Death Punch – Salvation

Five Finger Death Punch - Salvation

Band: Five Finger Death Punch.
What: Salvation lyrics.
On who: unknown.

This Five Finger Death Punch fan has a tattoo of the chorus from their song Salvation, from FFDP’s 2007 debutalbum The Way Of The Fist.

“I won’t bow to something that I’ve never seen
I can’t believe in something that doesn’t believe in me
I’m not blood of your blood
I’m no son of your god
I’ve no faith in your fate
Still I find salvation”



Band: Sabaton.
What: the logo.
On who: Kristian.

A popular Sabaton tattoo is the line “Always remember a fallen soldier”, from the song 40:1. Kristian has this on his arm, along with the Sabaton logo.