Lamb Of God – Ruin

Band: Lamb Of God.
What: lyrics from the song Ruin
On who: unknown.

“I will show you all that I have mastered fear, pain, hatred, power.
This is the art of ruin.”

Lyrics taken from the song Ruin by Lamb Of God, from their 2003 album As The Palaces Burn.

Epica – Unleashed

Epica - Unleashed

Band: Epica.
What: lyrics from the song Unleashed.
On who: unknown.

“Time is just a concept
And always the first thing to fade”

From Epica’s song Unleashed, which can be found on their 2009 album Design Your Universe.

Halestorm – Better Sorry Than Safe

Halestorm - Better Sorry  Than Safe

Band: Halestorm.
What: Better Sorry Than Safe lyrics.
On who: unknown.

Lyrics taken from Halestorm’s Better Sorry Than Safe, which can be found on their selftitled debutalbum.

“I’m not scared ’cause I know there’s something out there waiting for me
I’ll find it someday, just wait and see…
Better sorry than safe”

Dream Theater – Octavarium

Dream Theater - Octavarium

Band: Dream Theater.
What: Octavarium lyrics.
On who: unknown.

The final lyrics from Dream Theater’s Octavarium, from the 2005 album of the same name.

“We move in circles
Balanced all the while
On a gleaming razor’s edge

A perfect sphere
Colliding with our fate
This story ends where it began”

Five Finger Death Punch – The Tragic Truth

Five Finger Death Punch - The Tragic Truth

Band: Five Finger Death Punch.
What: lyrics from The Tragic Truth.
On who: unknown.

“It’s the voices screaming in my head.
The tragic truth.
It’s hard for me to understand myself.
So it has to be hard as hell for you

Are we born to be broken sinners, and thieves?
Someone tell the heavens that I’m ready to escape”

Lyrics from the Five Finger Death Punch song The Tragic Truth, from the 2011 album American Capitalist.