2 thoughts on “Carcass – Tools Of The Trade

  1. I have a very similar Carcass tattoo on the outside of my lower right calf! I’ve had it for about 15 years now and have gotten many more tattoos since that one and it is still my favorite of all of my tattoos. Cheers to you my good man! You have good taste!

  2. Tools of the Trade, one of my very top Carcass albums. I’m sure you’ve considered everything before getting this tattoo. Including realizing that WHEN(not if) the county coroner and funeral mortician work with your body to determine and verify cause of death, and to prepare your dead body for the wake and funeral that this tattoo is going to really trip them fuck out! lol As those are the tools they will be using on you! To compound, they will not know it is from the album art of a great death metal band from the 1990′s, Carcass. Its a very very hardcore tattoo, that likely intrigues the living humans that see it now and for years to come, while you are alive.

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