The inspiration for this site comes from my own arm. A few years back, I had Iron Maiden’s Eddie tattooed on my arm. I’ve been a fan for about 2/3rd of my life, so I’m quite sure that will last till I die. And so do tattoos.

Over the last ten years, I’ve met many musicians, photographed them on stage too, and I was always fascinated when they have music related tattoos. Since they are musicians themselves, I found it really cool that some of them have tattoos of other bands, to show their appreciation. And of course I have met many fans who also show their appreciation for their favorite band and music through the art of ink on skin.

So here’s a site that’s completely dedicated to musical tattoos. For now it’s mostly metal and metal related (hence the title), but if I find enough non-metal tattoos, that might change.

If you have a band-related tattoo and want to be featured on this site, please send a photo, along with some information.

Many thanks to Britta Zimmerman for designing the logo.